Government compensates families of four children who died of vaccination


The families of four children who lost their lives after being vaccinated against Dadura (Measles) in the village of Ward No. 9 (Kadmandu VDC ) in the East Chowk district have received compensation after seven years. The families of the deceased were identified as Milan Nepali, Sujata Nepali, Gauri Chiral and Anju BK.

The four children died shortly after vaccination. The family was reporting the death of the child due to negligence in the vaccine.

Later, they filed a case against the government in supreme court family demanding compensation for the death of their offspring due to government-run vaccinations. The government had ordered to give a ten lakhas to family the Nepal government on July 1, 2011 to compensate the families of the children who died after the vaccine was applied in the same case.

Following the order of the court, the Ministry of Health and Population deposited the amount through the District Administration Office into the parents’ account of the victims.


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